Company Law

We offer the expertise of our dedicated legal team to help you set up new businesses, to restructure the existing ones or to finalise their liquidation, to prepare all legal documents necessary in Hungarian and in English.

We can help effectively to our international clientèle in the acquisition of Hungarian businesses, to monitor those to be purchased prior to the acquisition or to monitor existing Hungarian subsidiary companies.

We have extensive experience in the area of insolvency of businesses, in particular in petitioning bankruptcy and liquidation procedures, representing the creditors or the bankrupts during these procedures.

In possession of many years of experience in the area we offer our client companies fully comprehensive representation on a case to case as well as on a regular basis.


Recovering Debts

We have acquired significant expertise in enforcing obligations.

We provide fully comprehensive service for both individuals and companies to help them to recover their outstanding debts. In order to do that our devoted legal team can draft demand notes in Hungarian and in English. We also offer petitioning bankruptcy procedures or debt enforcement procedures against our clients' debtors.


Employment Law

We have remarkable experience within the field of employment law. We provide legal advice to employers and employees.

We offer legal representation for our clients in front of employment tribunals in workplace accident or unfair dismissal cases.

We provide advice to companies how to set up or terminate employment or how to change their in house policies in relation to these matters. We offer our services to draft contracts for executives and employees on two languages, in Hungarian and in English.


Civil Law

We provide explanations and advices in respect to any areas of civil law.

We offer to negotiate and draft all types of contracts on behalf of our clients in Hungarian and in English. Agreements in relation to sales of properties, termination of shared ownership or gift deeds are all within our expertise. We also offer fully comprehensive conveyancing services.

We have far-reaching experience in respect to drafting the general terms and conditions for agreements necessary for running economic operations smoothly, such as business agreements, contracts for shipping or supply in Hungarian and in English on demand.


Contentious and non-contentious procedures

Our prime aim is to settle our clients' cases outside of court. However, if going to court is unavoidable we offer expert representation to our clients in front of courts and other authorities.

The range of our expertise within litigation covers more complex civil and corporate cases.


Family Law, Inheritance

Within family law matters our prime aim is to keep all of our ongoing cases out of court. If our devoted efforts prove fruitless we offer to represent our clients in divorce, financial relief (ancillary relief), child placement or child support settlement enforcement cases.

In our family law practice we offer a drafting service of agreements for married couples or co-habitees in respect to the ownership of their properties.


Criminal Law

Any person who is subject to criminal law proceedings may face serious sanctions. The accused may have to deal with losing his liberties even before the prosecution has started, or his possessions may be seized temporarily or permanently.

It is so important to contact a defence lawyer because most people subject to prosecution are unaware of their rights and the circumstances they must be provided with.

Within all phases of the criminal procedures we offer to both the accused as well as to the complainants – among others - legal advice, legal representation, drafting and filing petitions or official complaints.