About Bartalos and Partners Law Firm

The Bartalos and Partners Law Firm has been created in 2015 in order to be able to serve our Clients most efficiently and to be able to provide personalised legal services to them. All of the associates working for the firm have gained experience at a different area of law, therefore our collective knowledge covers most areas of law. We prefer working in a team in most cases as their complexity is best to be approached from as many angles as possible.

The registered office of Bartalos & Associates is located at Dorog, some 35 kilometers from Budapest. Conveniently close to the capital, but far enough to be able to offer a relaxed office environment without the traffic jams .

Our firm is keen on providing all inclusive, prompt and flexible legal services on a professional standard whilst still able to manintain competitive rates in order to serve the best interests of our Clients primarily at the area of civil, criminal, employment and competition law.